7 Things We Learned From Joey McIntyre’s Live ChatThe Inside Scoop
Joey McIntyre‘s hysterical portrayal of Gerard McCarthy keeps fans laughing every Thursday. He answered your burning questions about playing Gerard on the show, what life is like on the set, and even shared a few personal tidbits.

1. Joey doesn’t believe in embarrassing moments.

2. Joey’s character on The McCarthys, Gerard, reminds Joey of his real brother.

3. He thinks The McCarthys is close to the hearts of the people in his Boston hometown.

4. “Arthur and Marjorie’s Night Apart” was his favorite episode to shoot so far.

5. Joey’s favorite holiday treat is coffee cake. On Christmas Eve, he makes a special grilled cheese and ham sandwich, which is his signature dish.

6. His favorite part of the show is working with the cast and being with the live audience.

7. Joey and his wife have three kids and he says she is a very dedicated mother.

Watch Joey’s entire live chat here!