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New Kids On The Block Reality Show Slated for Jan. 14 Release

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After months of anticipation, a date is finally set. The New Kids on the Block reality show, Rock this Boat: New Kids on the Block, is slated for a January 14 release. The show will revolve around the group’s annual cruises, which have become massively popular with a wait list numbering in the thousands and reservations being required months in advance. For this year’s trip, the ship took guests on a five day journey from New York to Bermuda.

According to band member Donnie Wahlberg, the group performs every year on the cruise, which is occupied by 3,000 vacationers, most of whom are every bit as much the diehard fan now as they were during the band’s heyday from the mid-80s to the early 90s.

With Rock This Boat, fans from home will now be able to watch the band perform in front of those lucky enough to secure a spot on the cruise line.

The New Kids on the Block reality show will feature the group’s comeback. The band consists of Donnie Wahlberg, Danny Wood, Joey Mcintyre, and brothers Jonathan and Jordan Knight. By the end of their illustrious career in 1994, over 80 million albums have been sold worldwide. All five members also performed in several reunion tours in the years since and have also toured with other prominent bands like Backstreet boys.

While most of the band members have remained out of the spotlight aside from making occasional guest appearances, Donnie Wahlberg has remained in the public eye and has starred in various box office films and television series, including The Sixth Sense, the Saw films, Band of Brothers, and Blue Bloods. More recently, though, Wahlberg has been making headlines for his high profile engagement and wedding to Jenny McCarthy.

The new Kids on the Block reality show will certainly create a wave of nostalgia for most 80s and 90s kids that grew up during a generation of high top sneakers and flat top hairdos.

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