Nick & Knight at Houston’s House of Blues – Concert Review

Nick & Knight at Houston's House of Blues

Nick & Knight at Houston’s House of Blues (Kristi Rivera)

Nick Carter and Jordan Knight, members of the seminal boy bands Backstreet Boys and New Kids on the Block respectively, and now known collaboratively as Nick & Knight, took the stage Friday night at Houston’s House of Blues to a raucous roar from the estrogen-filled audience. It was a night made in boyband heaven.

Nick Carter & Jordan Knight perform at Houston's House of Blues as Nick & Knight

Kristi Rivera

Carter and Knight, both back from tours with their respective bands as of late, were in good form as they belted out songs from their Nick & Knight album that was released in September, to their own hits from their boyband years, to a medley of hit songs from their heydays in the ’80s and ’90s.

In the moments before the show began, fans took over the stage from the dark corners of backstage to pose for photos with the duo’s logo in the background. These guests meandered backstage once again to watch the show from their hangout just off stage with huge grins plastered on their faces and a smugness that only those who have dropped a few Benjamins could realize.

As I stood in front of the barricade waiting for the singers to hit the stage, security told me that the duo had already done three meet and greets that day and they were preparing for another after the show. Clearly, the rabid fanbase for both Carter and Knight has not waned much as the years have passed.

Both singers have aged well since most of us have seen them, considering Carter is now 34 and Knight is 44. Carter seemed a little less taxed than Knight, but both held their own during the ninety minute show. From a couple of costume changes to dance moves any woman over the age of 25 will remember instantly, they gave the crowd everything from tracks off their new album, to Backstreet Boys’ “Larger Than Life” to “No Diggity” by Blackstreet and back around to NKOTB‘s “You Got It (The Right Stuff)”, with enough banter in between to keep the crowd entertained. Nothing, however, made the crowd scream louder than when Carter, still beaming with the grin he had worn all night, told the audience, “Ladies, use your imagination,” as the duo jumped to the ground and pumped their hips towards the floor.

Overall, the show proved to be an opportunity to see our two favorite members of the bands we loved as teenagers; a chance that our teenage selves would have given up our right hand for. Carter and Knight did not disappoint. Even after all these years, they know how to work a crowd and it is clear that they still make time for the fans. Will we be able to say the same for the Justin Biebers of the world? Only time will tell.

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