NKOTB’s Joey McIntyre Talks Boy Band Money & His New CBS Show ‘The McCarthys’

One fifth of the legendary boy band New Kids On the BlockJoey McIntyre – joined us in studio this morning to talk about his brand new CBS TV show The McCarthys, but of course the talk started off with some New Kids questions.

Regarding that early ’90s boy band money, Joe says that the guys in the band were “pretty prudent” with their earnings and luckily didn’t do too many stupid things to ruin their time in the spotlight.

“My father thought money grows on trees,” says McIntyre. “He had nine kids, so you can’t blame him.”

“I was the youngest of nine kids,” McIntyre continued, relating his family life to the band. “I’ve been the baby a lot.”

These days, Joe is living the sweet life with his wife Barrett and three kids, luckily avoiding the crashes, traps and pitfalls of boy bands since.

“You’ve got to time it right,” Joe says. “Do it when no one cares about you. Party and do all the stupid stuff when no one cares. And then rest up, recuperate for a few years and try to get back on track.”

Although that may or may not be what he did in the past, Joe is doing just fine now. He’s got a brand new network TV show premiering at 9:30PM on CBS 2 on Thursday night, called The McCarthys.

“It’s a stretch for me, I’m playing an opinionated Boston Irish kid with a lot to say,” Joe jokes.

“It’s a great cast,” he continued. “Laurie Metcalf… Jack McGee… Tyler Ritter, who is John Ritter’s son… Jimmy Dunn, Kelen Coleman – we play this very co-dependent, clingy, Boston Irish family who thinks they know better than everybody else… and we get into trouble and try to learn from our mistakes.”

“We’ve got great writers, we’re having a blast and hopefully we’ll stick around for a little while.”

Turning serious for a minute, Scott remembered that back in April  2013, McIntyre competed in the Boston Marathon finishing with a time of 3 hours and 57 minutes just minutes before the explosion that killed three people and injured many more.

“I had just finished ten minutes before,” says Joe. ” I was sitting on a bench I guess about 150 yards away.”

“You’re just in shock for a long time… some people just were hoping it was a Subway accident or whatever in those moments… it was rough as we all know, and as New Yorkers know, going through something like that. I was able to run the next year too, and enjoy the moment and somehow celebrate.”

Be sure to catch Joe McIntyre on CBS’ new show The McCarthys, premiering Thursday, October 30th at 9:30PM! 

–Joe Cingrana, Scott Shannon in the Morning/WCBS-FM

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