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CBS 13 sat down with New Kids on the Block member, Joey McIntyre

Updated: Friday, October 17 2014, 04:14 PM EDT

BOSTON, MA (WGME) — Boston native and part of one of the highest grossing musical acts of all time, Joey McIntyre is gearing up for a big night. CBS 13 spoke with him about what makes Thursday night so special and why he loves calling New England home.

The New Kids on the Block member is getting ready to rehearse the national anthem, which he performs before the patriots’ game Thursday night.

While he’s still singing professionally, his focus is on his next big project. McIntyre spoke exclusively with CBS13 about his new show and why, despite his world-wide fame, New Englanders keep him grounded.

A lot has changed since Joe MC of the late 80s and 90s when he melted hearts with every note and every move he made as the youngest member of New Kids on the Block.

“We have amazing fans.” McIntyre said.

McIntyre still tours with the group, though now his focus is on a new CBS TV show, The McCarthy’s.

CBS 13 met up with the 41-year-old to talk about the McCarthy’s as he promotes his show.

“We want New England to get behind the show.” McIntyre said.

McIntyre is from Boston.

“I recognized the characters as soon as I read them.” McIntyre said.

The show is about an outspoken, sports-loving family, based in bean town.

“It’s fun as an actor, you think this is way over the top, people actually are the way they are.” McIntyre said.

This is why he loves coming home to visit or perform at the city that’s hanging tough behind him, every “step by step” of the way.

Thursday night, he’ll sing the national anthem before the patriots’ game. Then at the end of the month, McIntyre hopes his new show has “the right stuff” for audiences.

CBS 13 did ask McIntyre about visiting Maine, which he calls a beautiful place, and says he loves the way the city meets the harbor in Portland’s Old Port.

As for his new show, the McCarthy’s airs on Thursday nights on CBS starting October 30th.