“The McCarthys” a promising ensemble comedy

"Pilot" -- THE McCARTHYS is an ensemble family comedy about a sports-crazed Boston family whose somewhat athletically-challenged gay son, Ronny, is chosen by his father to be his assistant high school basketball coach, to the surprise of his more qualified siblings. THE MCCARTHYS premieres, on Thursday, October 30 (9:30-10:00 PM ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Pictured left to right: Tyler Ritter as Ronny, Jack McGee as Arthur and Laurie Metcalf as Marjorie. Photo: Robert Voets/CBS 2014 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Inspired by creator-exec producer Brian Gallivan’s (“Happy Endings”) family and his own coming out story, multi-camera comedy “The McCarthys” premieres Oct. 30 on CBS.

Gallivan has five siblings, all of whom love Boston sports and have coached teams, for example, and he, the gay offspring, had no interest in sports. Lots of rich autobiographical material, he said, and he’ll keep the coming-out aspect “light.”

A single-cam version was shot previously and abandoned. “There’s a lot of stuff that remains, including three of the actors. A lot of the plot is very similar.”

Laurie Metcalfe hopes to reappear on “The Big Bang Theory,” she ends “Getting On” on a Friday and starts “The McCarthys” that Monday.

“This is like me talking to my dad and my brother again,” says Jack McGee (“Rescue Me”), who plays the McCarthys patriarch. His brother was gay, and could never talk about it with their father. He said he was laughing and crying simultaneously at the script. It’s “a stretch,” he joked in his Boston accent, “playing a dumpy dim guy from Boston.”

Full of heart as well as laughs, this panel cements the feeling that this is one of the better comedy pilots of the season.

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