Jenny McCarthy Doesn’t Want to Look Like a “Virgin Bride,” Reveals Her Dream Wedding Performer

by Zach Johnson and Jennifer Cooper

Jenny McCarthy, Donnie Wahlberg, Evan

Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg‘s wedding planning is well underway!

The View co-host, her fiancé and her son Evan Asher attended Bowlmor Chelsea Piers in New York City Saturday in an attempt to break the Guinness World Record for Most People Bowling Simultaneously in the U.S. While there, the 41-year-old blond talked exclusively to E! News about her upcoming nuptials.

Before she officially commits herself to the TV star, will McCarthy have a last fling before the ring?

“I am past that!” she said. “My girls and I always have fun when we go out. I just don’t need a Chip and Dale’s sausage in my face,” she joked. “I am past the age where I find it appealing or like I need it at all.”

In fact, she and Wahlberg considered inviting their friends to a co-ed bachelor/bachelorette party. “We came in to this private room here and we were like, ‘Let’s do it here,'” she said. “I mean, how cool is it?!”

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Of course, it’s not just about the pre-party.

When it comes to wedding gowns, McCarthy has already narrowed down her options. “Gucci is still in the running and there are two other designers also in the running now and I can’t remember the names. My stylist said, ‘Please, please consider a very feminine designer!'” she revealed. “I didn’t want to go with the styles of Vera Wang—I feel like its been so done. It’s my second wedding and with me being older, I don’t want to look like a virgin bride. I want to look classy and elegant and age appropriate.”

While Gucci is known for its sexy silhouettes—and McCarthy is known for her sexy curves—the bride hopes to minimize the focus on her cleavage when she ties the knot. “You know what? My boobs have been bugging me lately! I think me moving into morning talk and wearing conservative clothes, it’s hard to get the girls to lay as flat as possible! They sag perfectly,” she said with a laugh, “but they don’t flatten out as much as I would like. So I don’t want to be too busty in my wedding dress. I think when brides are too busty it takes away from the beauty of the bride. It will be form fitting, but not too over done.” The dress will be neither pink nor white, she said, “so that leaves us with a few more colors in the rainbow.”

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The future spouses plan to involve their sons on their big day. “It will be a very, very special ceremony with all of them,” McCarthy said of the wedding, which will take place in Boston, Chicago or New York.

McCarthy and Wahlberg haven’t sent out invitations yet, but Sherri Shepherd is expected to attend. “They are all invited. Sherri will not the flower girl, unfortunately,” McCarthy joked of her View colleague. “Hopefully the whole crew will come, including the new co-host, whomever that may be.”

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Will New Kids On The Block perform? “I hope so!” McCarthy said. “I asked him and said, ‘Do you think the Boys will come to the wedding and perform?’ He said, ‘I just hope everyone can come to the wedding with everyone’s crazy schedules.'” The best-selling author also wants John Legend to sing.

“He has been on The View numerous times, but if this is my shout-out, I would say, ‘John we don’t have Kim and Kanye‘s money and our wedding is not extravagant, but we have a lot of heart and a lot of soul and I hope you take us up on our offer to perform at our wedding.” Always a man with a plan, Wahlberg offered his bride-to-be an alternative solution: “If John can’t play,” he said, “maybe Sam Smith will.”

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Would McCarthy consider filming her wedding it for a TV special or as a special segment on The View?

“We have zero plans to televise it, nor do we have any plans to sell pictures now,” she shared. “Knowing us, I would not be surprised if we did a selfie at the altar and tweeted it, you know what I mean?”