How Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy Are Blending Families

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Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy are already blending their families ahead of their upcoming nuptials.

McCarthy’s son, Evan, 12, recently moved into the couple’s New York City home.

“I came back from my tour Monday and Evan was there,” the New Kids on the Block singer told People. “My son’s coming next Monday and my dog’s there. It’s like we’re all together for the first time.”

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McCarthy says her son is adjusting well to his new digs. “He’s very excited,” the “View” co-host told People. “He’s nervous. But I hope he does find great friends because he’s a great kid.”

Evan and Wahlberg’s two boys will be front and center at their parents’ wedding ceremony.

“We have three boys together,” said Wahlberg, who’s in charge of the planning. “They’ll be a big part. We’re about who’s there and what the spirit is more so than where it is and how much money we spend. That’s not what it is for us.”

In other words, don’t expect the Wahlberg-McCarthy union to look anything like another recent celebrity wedding.

“Don’t be calling me Kanye West,” Wahlberg joked to People about the rapper’s extravagant wedding to Kim Kardashian. ”I like Kanye’s music, but I don’t know about his wedding style. That’s a little too much.”