‘Rock This Boat’: New Kids On The Block Set Sail With New Reality Show

By BRENT FURDYK 6/5/2014 at 2:19 PM ET

Get ready to sail away with New Kids on the Block when the middle-aged boy band heads to sea in Rock This Boat, a new reality show documenting the group’s ocean adventures on a five-day cruise with 3,000 of their diehard fans — known as “Blockheads.”

In addition to following the antics of NKOTB members Donnie Wahlberg, Jordan Knight, Joey McIntyre, Jonathan Knight and Danny Wood, Rock This Boat will also introduce some obsessed “Blockheads,” including Seattle sisters who have devoted a room in their home to storing their mountains of NKOTB memorabilia; an over-the-top Ohio woman who has left her husband and kids behind so she can hang with the Kids; and a bride-to-be who’s brought along her fiancé and bridesmaids in hopes that Donnie Wahlberg will officiate her dream wedding. Also aboard is a group of kilt-wearing Scotsmen who are less interested in the band’s music than they are by being on a cruise ship filled with desperate women.

The show will also feature footage of NKOTB live performances and coverage of the cruise’s numerous theme nights, ranging from the Masquerade Ball to the “Cowboy Up! Party.”

Production begins today with the Kids setting sail from New York Pier on the five-day cruise from NYC to Bermuda. You can check out a sneak peek right here.