Boyband-types are bloody everywhere at the moment, aren’t they? You’ve got One Direction, The Vamps, 5SOS and…er…New Kids on the Block. Obviously. Yup – apparently NKotB off of the 1980s (we think) are *still* a thing, and they reckon they have the 1D lads to thank for the fact that, y’know, people still like them. Because apparently they do.

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Chatting to the Daily Star, Joey McIntyre said: “It’s fun to see One Direction’s success, they have made people much more open to all types of music. It means people are more tolerant of our music too. We tip our hats to them in our new show with a cover or two.” OH GAHD, a dodgy manband cover of Live While We’re Young? It’s probs the equivalent of seeing your dad and his mates doing karaoke down the Dog and Duck or something.

And which particular member does Joey fangirl over, eh? “I have to say Niall because I’m Irish, right?” he said,”But Harry is hard not to say yes to.” Oh BABES, we know.

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So there you go – old kids on the block New Kids on the Block think new kids on the block One DIrection are quite good. What d’ya reckon? Comments puhlease.