‘Wahlburgers’ Preview: A ‘New Kid’ Helps Write a Jingle


A&E’s Wahlburgers airs tonight with two special back-to-back episodes, featuring a special guest appearance from New Kids on the Block member, Joey McIntyre, and a special celebration for Chef Paul’s 50th birthday.

Check out the preview below!

Wahlburgers is a reality show that follows the famous Wahlberg brothers, Donnie and Mark, as they open a burger restaurant with the help of their other brother, Paul. The show’s success recently led A&E to order 18 more episodes to round out Wahlburger’s first season.

Wahlburgers airs Wednesday nights at 10/9c on A&E.

THE FUNKY BUNCH: The episode centers on Donnie deciding to pull a prank on Paul, saying that they want to do a jingle for the restaurant – an idea Paul HATES!  To torture him, Donnie enlists NKOTB heartthrob Joey McIntyre to do a “big band” version of the jingle.  Meanwhile, the “real” Johnny Drama creates a “hip hop” Wahlburgers rap, enlisting Mark’s help.

PAULIDAY:  The episode is about Paul’s 50th birthday.  Growing up his birthday was never really celebrated (in fact his Mom celebrated it on the wrong day or the 1st 22 years of his life), so Donnie plans a perfect day for him.  It features a basketball game in which Mark, Donnie and Paul all play, bringing them together on camera for the first time. Donnie also arranges for Paul to meet Chef Jacques Pepin, one of his all-time idols.