‘Wahlburgers’ offers insight to Wahlberg clan; family first motto is impressive

March 13, 2014
Wahlburgers cast

Wahlburgers is a one-of-a-kind reality show that is impressive. Mark Wahlberg is seen and so is Donnie Wahlberg, but the fans might be awestruck with their mother, Alma Wahlberg, who certainly steals the show on Wahlburgers. The reality TV show is built around a restaurant. Incorporating the idea of a celebrity based reality show, which has a small part in Hollywood, the majority is filmed on the east coast and gives a glimpse of the family business. Following the restaurant business that Paul Wahlberg invests his heart and soul into running, there is no shortage of antics. According to Zap2It on Wednesday, the family is always full of antics with the latest episode offering a look at Mark Wahlberg’s latest desire to prank his brother, Paul.

While some might find the Kardashians interesting and other viewers might appreciate the Real Housewives franchise, the reality of life on the Wahlburgers relates to regular folks better than any other reality show. Who wouldn’t want to prank a brother? Or reminisce on how their mother’s home cooking is the best ever? These moments pull the family together and offer a place at the dinner table for all, including the viewers watching A&E.

The show has steadily revealed the tightknit family over the past few episodes and showcases how the family is close, even though they live apart and have homes on both coasts. Add all the projects going on and this show brilliantly reflects on how a family stays true to their values while still pursuing dreams and ambitions.

The Wahlburgers is on A&E is extraordinary to watch and definitely offers a slice of life not typically seen on reality shows. Plus (and this has to be the best part) Alma is kind enough to share her recipes from the show so viewers can make the dishes that Paul, Mark and Donnie suggest is so delicious!