‘Wahlburgers’ marathon: Mark, Donnie and Paul Walhberg entertain fans

March 16, 2014
Facebook photo of Donnie Wahlberg and Mom

Mark Wahlberg and his brother Donnie Walhberg have all the fans of the stars turning to A&E on Sunday night. It’s a “Wahlburgers” marathon with the family coming together in Boston to showcase life of working at a restaurant along with the sweetheart of the show, Alma Wahlberg. According to the Boston Globe on Sunday, the mother of the family definitely is the star of the show.

From the crazy stunts to bringing home girlfriends. Life of the Walhberg family has everything to do with being one big family. Surrounded by two great chefs, both Alma and Paul who runs the Wahlburgers restaurant, the viewers get to see how nine kids and their mom keep close even though everyone is really busy, are quite famous and travel the world. Fans also get to see some outrageous stunts that have people recognizing what a big jokester Mark Wahlberg is and how serious Donnie Walhberg is with his new love, Jennifer McCartney.

The “Wahlburgers” marathon is a look at some of the previously aired shows from 7 to 10 pm on Sunday night. Don’t miss it and don’t forget to check out Alma Wahlberg’s recipes on A&E. After watching the show, viewers are going to be hungry.