WAHLBURGERS: Donnie Sends Paul Spiraling with Truth on Alma’s Secret Sauce

By on January 31, 2014

Chef Paul Wahlberg, WAHLBURGERS

Chef Paul Wahlberg took the news hard that his mother’s secret sauce was no secret of her own design!

When WAHLBURGERS aired on A&E earlier this week, the “best sauce” contest Donnie instigated between Paul and Alma made me wonder:  When will, “Alma’s Secret Sauce” be on supermarket shelves? It would be a natural for make-it-happen Mark. But, alas:  Alma’s Secret Sauce was no secret after all.

When Donnie revealed to Paul that Alma’s sauce was actually a “secret” recipe given to her by someone she had worked with some 30 years earlier, Paul was dumbfounded. Not  only that, he seemed to be genuinely crushed—like someone had taken away his very inspiration.

“This is just one big lie that we’re living!” Paul lamented. “It’s all a hoax. My whole childhood’s shot.”

Paul may look like his famous brothers, but he’s definitely a Wahlberg all his own.

“I feel like my whole childhood, now, has been a lie!”

Okay, Paul, chill—really, it’s just sauce. And, like Alma said, it IS a sauce that has been passed down from generation to generation—just another family’s generations.  But, Donnie probably put it best in a camera cameo:

“Kinda naïve of Paul to believe that my mother actually invented a spaghetti sauce:  She’s Irish.”

That Donnie—he’s definitely the pot-stirrer of the family!

When it came down to it, Alma won, of course. But, I guess no one will be buying, “Alma’s Secret Sauce” at their grocery store anytime soon; maybe, “Alma’s Co-Worker’s Secret Sauce?”

Nah—just stick with the burgers.

WAHLBURGERS airs on A&E on Wednesday nights at 10:30/9:30c.